Mission Statement

Tiny Core Factory is dedicated to sharing open-source projects and materials related to Tiny Core. The Tiny Core official website and forums, as linked in the navigation pane, should always be used as the authoritative source of knowledge on Tiny Core, while Tiny Core Factory focuses more on open-source practical applications. Whether you're a beginner and just getting into Linux in general or you've been around the block and just see Tiny Core as another offbeat distro, Tiny Core provides opportunities for everybody. While Tiny Core is minimal enough to provide a great platform for beginners in Linux to familiarize themselves with the basics, this minimal approach also lends itself to those wanting to start from the ground up on building their own custom operating systems and pick everything from what windows manager to use, or even if you want any graphics at all, to whether or not you want to design a general desktop with all the office applications you would need at work or if you just want something streamlined for a single-purpose embedded device or other focused specialization.

Open source for everything on this website can be found here.